7 Untold Tips to Never Lose Your Bet

Yes, you read that right, you can always be a Winner no matter how bad your win rate is, what sports you bet on or what bets you enter.

Are you saying, “That is IMPOSSIBLE!!” ?? sbobet login

Ok, here’s the truth…

You might get some really bad losses one day. Every tipster, even the professional ones have their own bad day when every bet they place goes to the wrong side. However, surprisingly, they still managed to collect some profits at the end of the day.

Here are 7 secrets that will open your horizons in sports betting:

1. Knowledge is power! Read form statistics, past records, head to head, injury lists, team fixtures, psychological situation of the players or even the traditions that each team has. Analyze every aspect of the team carefully before placing a bet and keep yourself updated with the latest news. That’s the key to successful betting.

2. Keep your winnings… Once you reach your winning goal, cash it! Do not be greedy! Withdrawing your winnings before placing any more bets is always a good idea. Enjoy your hard earned victories! Don’t keep spending your winning money on your next bet just because it’s the luckiest day of your life. That will prevent you from losing some of them (if not ALL) back to the bookmaker.

3. Budgeting… Good money management is important. Set your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly budget, which is the maximum amount of money you are prepared to lose. Take control of your finances and it will make your losses less of a problem because you have budgeted for them beforehand.

4. Avoid Hard Bets… Try to avoid bets like “Man of the Match”, “First Goal Scorer”, “To Win Premier League”, “Exact Scores” and such. You might say that the odds look very tempting, but, it is almost impossible to achieve long-term wins with this kind of game.

5. Follow the game Carefully… Most bookmakers offer what we call “In Running” or “Live” bets. That means, you can place bets while the match is in progress. Use this feature to make your bet a “risk free” bet.

Take a look at this example: You place a $100 bet at -1/4 for Chelsea to win over Liverpool. During the game the odds changed drastically and now the odds are -1/4 for Liverpool. Meaning, something happened on the pitch that gave Liverpool a bigger chance of winning. With In-running bets, you can place opposite bets in favor of Liverpool.

With this simple example, you can NOT lose (though you won’t win big either), but most importantly you manage to save your $100 for better matches with higher odds of winning.

6. Find Hottie! This may be controversial for some of you, as looking for this ‘Cool’ will make your betting life even more difficult. However, if you follow your favorite sports or betting forum closely, you must have an idea about someone who currently has a goddess of fortune walking around him. Email me for an updated list of the hottest tipsters who consistently perform above average…

7. Finally… Engage a WINNING SYSTEM. The latter is my most important secret to make money from sports betting, you need a good system. Without a proven betting system, all the above points will become less useful and that means you cannot maximize your winnings. This is where Bookie Buster specializes. The Bookie Buster system tells you exactly how to ALWAYS WIN in sports betting. Even with a disappointing 33% win rate (meaning only 3 wins in 10 bets or in more extreme calculations, 30 wins in 100 bets!!), you will have a huge advantage in your bankroll! Something you WILL NOT find in a traditional betting system. Imagine how much you could win if you had better soccer tipsters who could give you free tips to follow, or you followed your favorite sport closely enough to consistently pick more than 50% winners. To learn how to use the Bookie Buster service, just email me.

After reading all 7 secrets above, hopefully your approach to sports betting should be greatly improved. Combined with the solid knowledge I provide and the accurate strategies offered by Bookie Buster, you NEVER lose a penny in sports betting again.

Yovi is the owner of the Soccer Picks and Soccer Prediction website, GoTipsters.com. He writes high quality football analysis for most European leagues. Following his analysis, accurate soccer picks and predictions are presented based on Asian Handicap odds.