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The contact us feature is one of the new innovations from Sbobet in keeping up with the times and increasingly sophisticated technology from time to time. This contact us feature is important in the implementation of online gambling games. The reason is, this feature is a tool for bookies and bettors to communicate.

The existence of this communication tool is very useful for bettors who are just starting to try online gambling on the internet. In this case, the contact us feature is the most appropriate way to find a solution for those who are not very familiar with the online gambling game system.

In other words, a new bettor who doesn’t understand gambling at Sbobet can get really valid information by communicating directly with the bookie himself through the contact us menu. Therefore, it is highly recommended for a bettor to take advantage of it in the game process.

Three Features Contact Us on the Official Sbobet Agent Site

To communicate directly with the bookie, the official Sbobet website ionclub casino provides three kinds of contact us features. Bettors can also choose according to their needs. So, what are the features of contacting us on the official Sbobet website, here is the explanation.

The first is live chat. You could say that this is the most popular contact us feature on the official Sbobet website. Its simple and practical use makes bettors prefer to take advantage of this feature. On the official Sbobet website, you can find live chat in the lower right corner of the website. You just click on the live chat box and you will be connected directly to the agent’s customer service team.

Second is whatsapp. In addition to live chat, the official Sbobet website also provides whatsapp contacts. Sbobet agents realize that almost some people in Indonesia install one of these chat applications on their cellphones. And if you are a WhatsApp user, you can use this application to communicate with the Sbobet city.

The third feature that can be used is the LINE application. This chat application is also quite widely used by people in Indonesia. Well, you can find Sbobet city’s LINE contacts in the live chat column. Likewise the whatsapp contact number of the Sbobet agent.

Contact Us Now Directly Get Bonuses from Sbobet Agents

If you are curious about online gambling games, you can contact us right now. Then, you can immediately get a bonus by registering as a member on the official Sbobet website. The bonus that we will give is a new member bonus.

This new member bonus is intended for new bettors who create a Sbobet account. You can have it right away, because this bonus will be directly added to the member’s balance the first time you make a deposit. This bonus will certainly be a good additional capital when starting a gambling game at Sbobet.

Apart from that, generous Sbobet still offers several other attractive bonuses and prizes. In the game process, you still have the opportunity to get deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, cashback bonuses and roll bonuses.

Not only that, we also organize interesting events regularly if you play via mobile. Sbobet also offers a three-day overseas vacation grand prize for five lucky members. The draw will only be held at the end of the year, so you still have a chance to get it if you register as a Sbobet member right now.

That’s all for our discussion today about contacting our globalhort Sbobet agent. May be useful.

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