Guide to How to Play Roulette Online

In fact, in a game Roulette itself is one of the games that are familiar to the ears of online gambling or online casino players. Roulette itself is a game that is not so difficult to play and also to learn, where in this game it is usually only played using tools and later the player has to wait for the ball to stop at what number. In fact, how to play roulette, it is not too difficult to play and learn, where in this game you only have to guess where the ball will stop on a rotating disc. And there is also a table in this game that has various types of bets that are quite interesting that can be played by players. 

Here are some types of roulette bets

For those of you who are beginners in this Roulette game, of course you want to know how to play and also how to win the game at this Roulette bet. In this article, we will discuss how to properly play online Roulette that you must know. 

Straight Up

The first type of bet in the game of Roulette itself is a type of bet that really requires luck, because you can guess that only 1 number will come out in this type of bet. For example in this type of Roulette bet, if later you want to guess the number 7 in this game then you only have to place a bet on number 7 only and usually in this type of bet the amount of payment that you will get if you manage to win is 36: 1. Generally this type of bet is the most widely used in the popular type of Roulette bet, because this type of bet is much easier for players to win. 

Split Up

This is a type of bet in the second Roulette game where you have to guess the possible 2 numbers that will come out of this game, for example, if you bet on numbers 8 and also 9 then you only have to place a bet on those two numbers. The winning payout in this bet is 17: 1. This bet is generally also often used by Roulette players. But for those of you who are just trying this game it is recommended not to use this bet at the beginning of the game. 


For this type of bet in the Roulette game, in this bet you are required to be able to choose an impressive 3, for example, the number 8,9,10 and in this Roulette game bet, usually the winner will win the winning payout which will be received is 11: 1 on this type of bet.

Corner Bet

It is a type of game in Roulette betting where players in this bet type must predict 4 numbers that are close together such as 18,19,20,21 and also the amount of payment that will be received by the player in winning on this bet, which is 8: 1.

Line Bet

Line Bet itself is a type of bet where players must guess 6 numbers vertically in this Roulette game. 6 numbers that must be guessed by players such as 7,8,9,10,11,12 and later in this bet, the amount of payment that the player will get is 5: 1.

Dozen Bet

In the Roulette game itself there are also columns 1st to 12 and 3rd and also 12. Where in each column there is usually the number 12, if the player manages to guess the number correctly, the amount of payment that the player will usually receive is 2: 1.

Column Bet

In a game on the Roulette table itself there is a column that is written with the number 2 or 1, each of which has 12 numbers, if the amount of winnings that is usually received in this type of Roulette bet is 2: 1 

Odds / Even

For this type of bet, the player only has to guess the spinning ball whether it will stop at an odd number or what is commonly called odds or stops at an even number which is called even. In this type of Roulette bet, the winnings that players will receive are 1: 1. As an example in this one odd bet is 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,22,27,29,31,33 up to number 37.  And for even numbers in bets of this type include: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 as well as 36.

Big / Small

In this type of Roulette bet, players are required to be able to guess whether the ball will stop at small numbers where small numbers (1 to 18) or large numbers (19 to 37), the winning payment on this bet this type is for players of 1: 1. This type of bet is also one of the types of bets that players usually use when playing Roulette offline or online.

Red / Black (Color Bet)

One of the well-known types of betting in this game where the player only chooses to bet on which color the small ball will stop at. When played in the red / black type, this type of bet is generally an easy bet and is often played by Roulette players. In this type of bet, which player only needs to place a bet on the red or black column, the payout that will be received if the player wins this bet is 1: 1 on this Color Bet bet.


In this type of bet where the player must be able to guess 5 different numbers and if the rotating ball stops exactly one of the numbers that has been placed by the player, the amount of payment that will be received by the player in this winning bet is 1: 1

Those are some types of bets and how to play Roulette gambling that you can try to play. The game of Roulette itself is a gambling game that is easy to play even by beginners, because the way this game is quite easy and simple, you only have to understand which bet you are going to place, besides that in this game you also need to know the rules so that later you can play. Roulette right. Bonuses in Roulette games generally also vary and are one of the casino gambling games which are also quite profitable because there are lots of bonuses and prizes in this game. You can now play this game online, of course, with various kinds of bonuses and prizes. Good luck!

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