Here’s How to Deposit Slots Via DANA

In playing online slots, the question will certainly arise, namely How to deposit slots via DANA? Before we discuss this time, you should prepare a few things, namely:

First, have a Trusted Online Slot Agent in Indonesia who can deposit Via DANA
Second, make sure your DANA account has been verified as a Premium DANA
Third, make sure you register for an online slot account, choose a DANA account
If you already have the above, then you can start making slot deposits via DANA. And the following is a method of Deposit Via DANA:

How to Deposit Slots Via DANA
First of all, you open a trusted online judi slot online gambling site such as Copasport then ‘ Login’
If you are already logged in, you can click ‘ Deposit’ and select E-Wallet Payment ‘ DANA’
And on that page you will have a DANA account number from the site, you can copy the DANA account number.
Then, you open the DANA application and click ‘ Transfer’
On the Transfer menu, you paste or paste the account number that you previously copied. In the column provided by the DANA application,
After that click ‘ Continue’
Enter the amount you want to deposit
Next, make sure the name of the DANA beneficiary on the deposit account number on the Copasport website matches. If it is appropriate you can proceed by entering your DANA PIN. Finished.
Return to the deposit page on the trusted online slot gambling site, and you fill in the deposit column according to the nominal you transferred earlier.
The last step, if you have filled in the deposit column correctly. Then you just need to click ‘ DEPOSIT’ . Finished.
And that’s How to Deposit Slots Via DANA, easy isn’t it? You can also ask for instructions on how to deposit via DANA to customer service on the online slot gambling site, which you will be directed and given step by step. Thus our discussion at this time, may be useful. Thank you.