How to Bet Like a Philosopher at online gambling

Today there is a trait that is trending among gamblers and is known as a philosopher-like attitude. When you win or lose, you will accept it steadfastly, so you stay happy no matter the outcome. So, here are some ways to bet like a philosopher that you need to know.

Understanding Control Issues – The Epictetus Handbook
The Epictetus Handbook, also known as the Ennchiridion of Epictetus, is a guide that contains advice on stoic ethics (the attitude of a philosopher). The guide bandar judi bola terpercaya was written by Arrian who was a student of a Greek philosopher named Epictetus. The essence of the book is to act like a philosopher to achieve happiness in everyday life.

Although this short guide is philosophical, you can still relate it to attitude when betting in gambling games. There is a phrase that is quite striking in the first part of the work. More or less it reads, “Some things are in our control, but others are not.”

It’s quite clear that you can’t control everything, including when betting. Even if you have mastered the strategy of a game and almost won, the possibility is still there. Therefore you need to apply Epictetus’s simple sentence to act like a philosopher.

For example in Texas Hold’em, you have aces pre-flop. Then you put the card together with some money as a bet with the assumption that your chances of winning are big. However, when the results came out, it was someone else who won.

Most likely you will be angry about it, but if you have a philosophical attitude of course it will be different. You would think rationally that using emotions will only hurt you in the long run. After all, not everything is in your control, so you are calm and accept it sincerely.