How to Play Sicbo Online – The Sicbo experience is easy to win

Sicbo is popular with many online casinos because of its simple gameplay. However, in order to easily win against the dealer, you need to have some specific methods and tips for playing Sicbo. In this article not only guides you how to play sicbo online but also introduces you to some effective Sicbo tips.

What is SicBo?

Sicbo Online is a game similar to Sic Bo in Indonesia, played with sets of 3 dice or also called dice. Each die will have 6 sides with corresponding points, marked from 1 to 6.

How to play Sicbo Online

Unlike other games like Poker, Blackjack … playing Sicbo online is quite simple. Players only need to bet on the type of bet that is on the table. After placing the bet, the dealer will roll the dice. The total score of the three dice is the final result of the bet. In a table there are many types of bets for players to bet money.

1 number bet

This is the simplest form of betting. Players only need to predict the numbers that appear on the face of the 3 dice to complete them. In this form of game, the player’s payout amount depends on the number of dice that appear on the selected number.

A special example for you: you bet on number 5, if the dice with 5 appears, you win with a bonus ratio of 1: 1. If the result of 2 dice with the number 5 appears, the sale wins by a ratio of 1 to 2, so will the 3 number 5 appear.

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Bet on 3 dice total

In this form, players will bet based on the total score of the 3 dice. Players will predict a score of 4 to 17 points. Depending on the possible scores, players will have different chances of winning, which are clearly shown on the table. In particular, the highest win rates will fall to numbers 1 and 17.

Triple stakes

Bet on 3 sets of 3 count dice that will appear on the same side. Players can select one of 3 sets of 1-6 to place their bet. The odds are 1 to 150 or to bet on any set that shows 1 to 24.

Easy betting experience to win Sicbo Online

Playing Sicbo is all based on luck, but you need to keep your cool to apply certain strategies correctly to increase your chances of winning and luck.

Avoid playing Sicbo at night

Players should absolutely avoid playing at night. Experience from old players, playing at night makes it very easy to lose control, so it’s easier to lose control. Make your own rules about how much time to play, when to play during the day.

Have a betting strategy that makes sense

You must have a sensible betting strategy, don’t bet over the pre-set limit. With the mentality that the next game will erase the previous one, many people fall into a situation where more and more players are losing. At first we lost a little, because we wanted to delete but lost a lot. You have to understand that you have plenty of time, and that the house is always full of money. Therefore, wanting to win over all of their fairies was simply impractical.

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