Promoting Casinos – Take Site Breakdown Help For High Rollers

Once upon a time, one of the big Casino companies asked if our organization could help their high-ranking customers use an auto detailing company. We can’t because I’ve offered the company, and as such can’t hold or service the account, but it’s a very good matter to accomplish for visitors, due to the addition of the

ke Valet.

Generally casinos require deductions, as well as waiters, such as extra tips. What you want is a unique area set aside from the bathing area. A business that wears uniforms and offers state of the art details, car washes inside or out. In addition, complete details for guests staying more than three days, because they will have no trouble together using the breakdown schedule, sometimes getting very busy.

We’ve run this type of app in Reno, and Vegas and have asked in Tunica along with NJ boardwalks, although it never started there. There is a sufficient supply of labor in this metropolitan area, but in Vegas it is difficult to find reliable help, therefore, you need to make sure of the “detailing contractor” you hire. What is wise is to always try what you are if operating and expected then just take it all through your company.

Might as well add a second profit center, it’s really a much needed company, especially for NV properties where people drive hundreds of kilometers through bugs and dust to get there. The truth is that if you head to Laughlin, NV you will likely see most of the casinos there offering car washes and details. Uncle Laughlin opened it and everyone imitated him because it was such a great allure.

The business you hire needs to run on electric pressure washers, not gasoline (too stupid, repeat problem). It’s a great facility, you’re right, people love it, and you can get discount prices to clean your own fleet of limousines, shuttles, and executive cars.

While I can’t accept this consideration, we love your own call, and personally, I’d be willing to answer some of the questions you have in figuring it all out, to make it work as you planned. Also, take a look at what Parking / APCOA generally do, as their facility programs often include car detailing and washing.