The Bad Impact of Gambling for the Country

As we know, gambling is not legalized in Indonesia. Nevertheless, illegal gambling is still growing in this country, especially online gambling. Even though the government prohibits gambling, it is not without reason. Here are the bad effects of gambling for the country:

Gambling Addiction
Just like alcohol or narcotics, gambling has an addictive effect on its fans. When playing gambling, especially if you continue to win, players will be judi online 24jam addicted and don’t think about stopping playing.
Worse, if it is addicted, the person can do anything to be able to play gambling. Even to the point of ignoring the possibility that he could lose all his property because of the gambling game.

Crime Rate Rises
Studies show that in cities where gambling is legal, crime rates are on the rise. One of the reasons is the emergence of gambling addicts who lose too much money.
In order to keep gambling, gambling addicts who have run out of their possessions to play gambling end up committing various crimes such as pickpocketing, stealing, robbing and so on.

Social Inequality
Gambling is a high-stakes game. When someone is addicted, or hopes too much to get a win from gambling, a gambler can spend all the funds he has.
As a result, even citizens who were originally well off can experience financial difficulties due to gambling addiction. This will be dangerous if many people in Indonesia experience this. Social inequality will be more real, the country’s economy will also be affected.

Small Business Turnover Decreases
Gambling houses or casinos generally not only provide a place for gambling, but also support other complementary places for recreation. such as restaurants, bars, to lodging and other entertainment businesses.
This has an impact on nearby small businesses, such as small privately owned inns or restaurants. They will lose customers, because customers will prefer to stay or eat in the same location where they gamble, for their convenience.