Types of Football Betting Often Played

There are many types of soccer betting available at an online gambling agent. This is not strange because the soccer game itself has many possibilities that can be bets. In each of these types of soccer gambling, of course, has its own excitement that can be enjoyed for entertainment.

The survival of a gambling game has its own fans because people’s tastes vary, of course. This has led to the emergence of various kinds of football betting. Very suitable and bandar maxbet terpercaya suitable for those of you who are the type of person who is easy to get bored if you play the same gambling every time and maybe want to feel a different sensation.

With soccer gambling being famous for a long time, where you have to look for a dealer directly to start betting. Now, with the availability of an adequate internet network and compatible devices, you can already enjoy the sensation of online gambling. Of course, finding a city is also online, so it’s easier and faster.

The existence of regulations prohibiting gambling-related activities in Indonesia makes it more difficult to find conventional bookies. So with the widely available online gambling agent system, it will really help fulfill the wishes of bettors to immediately start playing online gambling games. 3 types of bets that are often played.

End of Half/Half Bet
This bet is one of the most popular and arguably the easiest to play. That is, you are required to bet on the final result (FT) or half (HT) of a match. For naming itself this bet is also called 1X2. The name has its own meaning.

1 is the marking for the home team, X for the draw, and 2 for the away team. You can also combine bets for HT/FT predictions. For example, for betting “HT/FT 2/2” means that at half time the visitors will win and also at the end of the match.

There are several other options for this betting variation. There is also a variation called Double Chance where the bet has 3 options. The first is 1X means the home team wins or draws. Second, X2 is the guest team that wins or draws.

Lastly is 12, where one of the teams must win, not receiving a draw. You can also bet with DNB or Draw No Bet , where if the match results in a draw, the money bet will return. But if the chosen team wins you will receive the victory.

Barcelona vs Juventus match

Total Score in Match
Apart from placing a bet on the outcome of the match, there are other options. That is guessing the number of scores scored in a match. Most of the several online soccer gambling sites call it over/under . For example, if a bet is placed on “more than 0.5” then at least one goal will be scored later.

A very popular number is 2.5, because usually bettors will place on more than 2.5 scores scored or below. Because the choice of numbers is believed to be a very safe choice and minimizes the possibility of losing. Usually the numbers are at -5 scores.

There is another variation of the bet, namely “both teams to score” wins if both teams can score. Usually this bet is very suitable when a team from the top standings against the bottom standings. When the top team scored a few goals and became a little careless, making the top team’s goal broken.

Handicap Betting
Another name for this variation of betting is nge- voor . It looks complicated but it really isn’t if you want to take a minute to read the explanation. For example, if there is a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the handicap game section has the words Real Madrid +1.

This means Madrid get a bonus at the beginning of the game with 1 score. If the final score is 0-0 then Madrid is declared the winner. If the score is 0-1, then the result of the match is a draw. For handicap rules +0.5 equals 1X on 1X2 bets.

For bets on -2.5 then Madrid must win by at least a win by 3 goals difference. For example, if the match score is 2-0, if you put Madrid there will be defeat even though the Madrid team won the match. This variation of soccer gambling is in great demand by many online and offline bettors.

There are many more variants or choices of soccer gambling games in the world. 3 examples have been described above, and are included in the variants that are often played by bettors on a betting site. With so many types of soccer bets, immediately start betting and choose the right one.